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„Brüderchen und Schwesterchen“ (Brother and Sister)
Mixed-Media Installation for „Fenster zum Hof“, Hamburg, 2007
The show „Fenster zum Hof“ took place in an abandoned, shabby former Kindergarden in Hamburg-Altona. As a child, I personally hated to go to Kindergarden, I used to be one of those kids that would hide under a table until my parents would come back to pick me up. I recreated the fear, that I personally felt as a child by building small cardboardhouses with audioloops inside the houses: singing and loughing groops of kids, a single, sobbing kid, joyful childrens songs and also the fairytale that I feared the most as a child, brother and sister, played in half speed to enforce the drastic moments of the story. A second thought to the installation is a resemblence to horror films like „Chucky“ or „The Exorcist“, where children play the lead roles.