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»Ghosts in the Park«
Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg 2011, 2012
videos, drawings, slides, installation
Does it exist, the monster under the bed, the bogeyman in the closet, the „Wolpertinger“ in the Bavarian mountains, the dragon from midieval times, the Harpy from Greek mythology or Grandma‘s ghost who howls in the basement? And what do old statues do during the foggy night? Animated mythical creatures float through the park. Static drawings turn into animation into drawing. Strange nightly landscapes make space for ghosts. Statues become alive ... The film »Ghosts in the Park«, deals with the inbetween space between mysticism and phantasy, a little bit creepy, a little funny. And somehow a little bit like the drooling monster under the bed which kept us awake as a child ... Drawings change over to small, animated sequences, slide sollections are projected in dark corners. Northern mythical creatures are mixed up with southern ghosts and form new, hybrid-like figures. »Ghosts in the Park« is work in progress, the beginning of a collection, which consists of 324 handdrawn and a few hundred mixed media slides, ten short, amimated videos, a series of drawings, one longer video, text ... started in Vienna, continued in Berlin and Hamburg, the next parts are pursued in Japan and various other place
The project contains, among others, the video Ghosts in the Park, the animated loops Ghosts in the Park and the drawings click here