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„Ti Ar One“
Pudelkollektion, Hamburg 2007
Sound and Light Installation with glasses, Discoballmotors and red lamps. The space „Pudelkollektion“ is an exhibiton space in one of the most famous clubs in Hamburg St. Pauli, the golden pudel club. Since St. Pauli is famous for its nightlife and the red light district, I created an Audioinstalltion that plays with typical images that resemble this unique scene. Glasses (a symbol for the bars) are hung from the ceiling, rotating and constantly banging against each other to create a slightly beautiful sound installation. After several days they start to break and fall apart, the pieces of the shaddered glass slowly piling up on the floor - in the same way, the sound is slowly fading. The space was lit with intense red light to remind of the red-light district St. Pauli.