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„Schiffer Klavier“ (accordion)
Hamburg, 2007
Harbour Opera, synchronised audiovisual collage, Multi-Monitor-Installation, 9 screens, 9 modified (synchronised) DVD-players, curtains, stage construction, light installation The work is based on the song „Seeräuberjenny“ by Bertold Brecht (Three penny opera). The original piece was fragmented and rearanged in a rhythmical way to be reinvented with harbour sounds. These sounds where filmed and recorded throughout several weeks in the harbour of Hamburg: ship-horns, water hitting a ponton, the loud noises of containers piled up etc. Combined with the associated images, I created a audio-visual installation. Furthermore, I build a stage for the visitors to sit on and put up a six and a half meter high curtain to create the image of an orchestra pit.