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»Klub der Töchter«
Hamburg 2011, Berlin 2012
together with Almut Grypstra
It blinks, it clatters and flickers. A pile of strange machines is populating the space. Projections and sounds mix to a hissing noise, sometimes a single sound breaks out. Inspired by the filmic oevre of Fritz Lang, the artists Marte Kiessling and Almut Grypstra explore the space with intermediale experimentanl set ups. The artists work as constructors by programming their own artistic access to the parabolic space which is opened up by Lang in his works, especially »Metropolis«. They combine video, sculpture, installation and drawing to their own system. The different medias overlap, gateways and dissonances are formed. While the artists where exploring and experimenting, numerous objects and miniloops where collected. The artists link fragments and observations to a new model.
The installtion contains the videos parts and pixels part two – Utopia and Metropolis